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🔬 Weekly experiment 50, 2019

Hey There.

A friend of mine asked me if I already decided on my new year’s resolutions. Jokingly I replied that I have daily resolutions, that the span of one year is too long for me. That my northern star these days are:

Daily experiments and changes.

Most of those experiments are in the desired direction. I didn’t sit down and said I wanted to do 100 experiments in 2019. Somehow I subconsciously decided to simplify my life and strive to learn something new every day. Despite the lack of planning, I made significant progress in 2019.

I kind of like this baby step a day process. It’s easy to stick with and removes the pressure. Once you make it a habit, it’s also quite hard not to try something new every day.

New year resolutions are another story. Every time I picked up a new year resolution, I stepped off the cliff on the first day of the year. Then I would beat myself over and over through the year for it. Somehow my mind subconsciously ditched the practice of big goals, five-year planning and new year resolutions. I couldn’t be happier with my brains decision.

Weekly experiment 51, 2019

What was the outcome of your last experiment?

I failed on mine. Standing on one leg for 5 min is quite hard. Neither did I get a customer for the code mentoring idea.

I found a website where you can offer code mentoring services, but my application to become a mentor was rejected. The whole thing looked too easy, and the short cut didn’t get me anywhere. There’s a market for one on one mentoring since people charge up to 100$ an hour for it. So all I need to do now is publish the web site and start advertising the service finally. Though I think I’ll have to start with lower than 100$ an hour fee.

I’ve been mindlessly writing for a month and a half now, last week nada. This newsletter and that’s it. Why? Well, the hardest realisation after a month of writing was that most of my articles were getting almost zero reads, without taking into account the reads from you. I realised that I needed time to regroup. So in the future, I’ll be aiming for one in-depth blog post a week in the direction of life experiment.

You know the drill. Let me know what you’ll try. 😉

What’s weekly experiment?

Though I didn’t flush the entier creativity process down the toilet for a week but went for a morning photoshoot:

Found a typo, have a comment or an idea for improvement shoot me a message. 😉

Till the next weekly experiment,


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