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🔬 Weekly experiment 51, 2019

Hey There.

Another week just passed. The year is coming to an end and holidays are on our doorsteps. The world around us is starting to slow down as we plan to spend time with friends and family, eat vast amounts of food, chat and recharge. Some will try to make the most out of the quite downtime by squeezing in some extra work. I was part of that camp for a while.

Every year I would decide to finish one last project before the new year. I would make a glorious todo list. Yet every time the new year passed the task list remained untouched. I felt guilty for not achieving my goals. I kept asking my self:

What was I doing wrong? What should I change to squeeze productive work into the holiday period?

Last year I finally decided to hit the brake, slow down and spend all the remainder of the year recharging. I’ll admit I couldn’t resist and do some planing of 2019, though I ditched those plans in the first week of 2019.

Tally your wins & losses

As I look back, I realize that the result was a year full of experiments, tires and unplanned outcomes. To list a few highlights: Cancelling one job offer, moving to the seaside, fewer movies and more reading, picking back up the photography, getting another job offer, shutting down the startup team, starting the writing and weekly experiment blog. Compared to previous years, I barely flew in 2019. None of that was planned and the year passed in a heartbeat.

Sometimes I felt that I didn’t achieve much throughout the year. Yet when I summed up all of the experiences, I was positively surprised by a long list of things that happened. There were moments of success and moments of failure.

As in previous years, I’ll spend the rest of the year recharging and reflecting. If you can afford to do the same, I invite you to:

1.) Open up your calendar or browse through your memory and go over the years events. 2.) Write down all of your successes/failures. 3.) Highlight successes/failures you are most proud of. 4.) Then based on what you notice refine directions for 2020. Overplanning not allowed!!

Weekly experiment 52, 2019

What was the outcome of your last experiment?

I didn’t finish any of the experiments I planned for the week, but I was experimenting a bit and created a new wardrobe:

With few pieces of wood and screws and voila I have a new minimal wardrobe — version 2.0. More features still in production.

The other experiment was smaller. Since I’m promoting my work over multiple social media platforms, I noticed that I checked all the accounts first thing in the morning. Putting the phone into another room didn’t help, so I switched to 15min of reading to wake up enough for the morning walk. In the future, I need to throw something out of the morning routine; otherwise, it will become too long.

You know the drill. Let me know what you’ll try. 😉

What’s weekly experiment?

That’s it. Let this be the last weekly experiment of 2019. We start again in January 2020. Until then happy holidays.


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