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🔬 Weekly experiment 07, 2020

Hey There.

Another week another adventure on the road:

Visiting the physics kindergarten near Frankfurt. After the last week’s edition, one of the readers asked:

What’s a physics kindergarten?

In the physics kindergarten you usually find physicists like Matjaz, one of my mentors:

Like me, he is following the saying to the letter:

Physicists never grow up. Their toys just become more expensive.

Speaking of expensive physics toys. Unfortunately, we can’t have then all. The research budget is limited. So we need to carefully think about how many cables, instruments we use. We want to run a simple experiment, yet still, measure something complicated.

As in every profession, we need to focus on the essentials. Not just in terms of stuff (equipment) like minimalists do. But we need an upgrade. The essentialism. We also need to focus on what we spend our time on.


I came across essentialism in 2018 while reading the book by Greg Mckeown Essentialism (2014): Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

In the book, Greg describes the essentialism as a step beyond minimalism. If minimalism is about minimising clutter/stuff, essentialism is about finding focus.

In essentialism, we make sure that we’re not all over the place in what we do. Sure, in some sense essentialism and minimalism are similar. But if we take a deeper dive, we’ll see that minimalistic movement focuses on the reduction of spending and possessions. While essentialism movement focuses on why and what we spend our time on.

I think that essentialism is best described through the sketch from the Greg-s book:

Are we disciplined or undisciplined?

Now let’s be clear. In my opinion, complete discipline everywhere is madness. But strategic discipline in several areas can make a huge difference.

I’m not a complete essentialist. With my many interests: scouting, politics, finance, photographing, coding, physics, travel, math, reading, self-development, electronics, … But I strive to be an essentialist in a few places.

I tend to ask my self:

What’s important to me? What do I want to spend the time on?

Answers to questions above allowed me to refind some of my focus. When I was deciding if/how to continue my studies after master the main component for me was: What kind of team will I be working in?. Quality of team dynamics outweighed the rest.

Alright, we should focus more? But how do we know if we need more focus? Hopefully, you tried to figure out by now if you are an essentialist or not. Some questions from the book might help here:

If you answer is yes to any of the questions above you might want to give essentialism a shot.

On the other hand, if you do just one thing at a time and are super organised and happy with your life, then why bother with a buzzword like essentialism.

Small weekly experiment 08, 2020

Apartment testing was a success. Evening views:

are a good tradeoff for the seaside. Though some further apartment tests are required 😬

Travel experiments. I need this:

Can I pack all of that into a small backpack? Almost … after 45min of Tetris. Though trip revelled that I forgot a lunch box, shopping bag and several other gadgets. Next packing try will be in the next week.

You know the drill let me know what will be your small experiment this week.

If you find a typo, have a comment or have an idea for improvement shoot me a message. 😉

Till the next weekly experiment.


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