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🔬 Weekly experiment 21, 2020

Hey There.

This week I'll cover only an experiment. The experiment that deserves it's own newsletter.

Energy level maintenance with snacks.

Snacks strategy

Every day I eat my breakfast somewhere between 6:00 and 9:00. Depends when I wake up. Then somewhere halfway towards lunch, my energy dips a tiny bit, and I need some fuel. Or I'm nervous or thinking, and I need something to chew on besides my worries and thoughts. Nails and fingers are out of option since they aren't delicious.

A similar scenario unfolds in the afternoon. The fact is when I code, write, read or do research work (which is like 99% of the time I'm awake) I need to snack something to fuel my brain. Any processed food or larger meal is too heavy and makes me sleepy. But snacks do the job.

In the past, chewing supplements were cookies and sweets. Sometimes fruit and nuts. My snacks strategy was mostly to eat whatever is in the drawer and needs no cooking. Same was when shopping. Oh, this looks like a great snack lets buy it. I would mostly buy the same stuff over and over again and get feed up with it.

Then a few weeks ago, I decided to put an end to sugar snacks and visited the nuts and dried fruit part of the food market. I bought a few snacks:

20 bucks and I hope I'm stocked for two weeks. Though the dried melons are delicious and not cheap, so I have to hold my self back 😅

I tried nuts as a snack in the past, but just nut snacks are kind of boring and to dry. Now that I'm mixing my snacks with dried and fresh fruit, I think I'm up to something. Once the supply dries up, I'll revisit the food market and repeat the process.

Last week I talked about how small daily changes can lead to significant results. My new snack "system" is one such significant change. I started with cookies, transitioned into the partial nuts system, then added dried fruit and at the end ditched sugar snacks all along.

No worries I still do sugar. A bit of dark chocolate every morning with the bowl of my raspberry oatmeal. And occasionally pice of cake or two per week. But I tell my self that that stuff is better than factory-made Milka cookies.

Let me know what's your snack routine. I think I need to expand on a variety or I'll get feed up with the current snack set up in a month or two. Oh and also if you know of a shop where they sell healthy snacks. Location, please 🙏

Small weekly experiment at a time 22, 2020

Above was my past experiment. This week I'll try to do from 30 min to an hour of writing per day.

I practised daily writing for a month in the past, and it was pretty awesome. Not to mention the mental clarity it brought. Hopefully, the daily writing will result in a blog post or two more per week.

You know the drill. Let me know what you'll experiment with this week.

If you find a typo, have a comment or have an idea for improvement shoot me a message. 😉

Till the next weekly experiment.


P.s. If you like the newsletter, share it. 😉

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