Life experiment

Life is an experiment. Every day we wake up and get to try something new. I consciously try to run a few experiments every day. As a physicist, I’m wired to experiment in all areas of my life.

For example, at some point, I tried morning walks. Right, after I get up, I take a short walk along the seaside to wake up and think what awaits me throughout the day. Since I enjoyed the first-morning walk so much I’ve been practising them ever since.

Another experiment involves computer screens that I’ve been using large for almost three years now. I noticed that the large screen area allows me to multitask to easily. So I switched back to one 13 inch laptop. Since the change, I’m way more focused on my work. With visual clutter out of the way, my mind flows. Yes, a small laptop isn’t the best thing for the neck.

Small weekly experiment at a time

Above changes are part of my weekly experiments. Every week I try something new. If I like it, I keep it if not I revert to my old routines. By continuously running small experiments, you can achieve massive changes in your life. I certainly did.

I want you to run a small weekly experiment yourself. Pick whatever you want, for example:

For accountability let me know (via FB, Twiter, mail, SMS) what your weekly experiment will be 😉

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