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What? Why? Who?

Yup you ended up on my page and apparently you want to know who I am 😯

I'm Ziga Brencic, a 25-year-old mathematical physicist from Ljubljana, Slovenia 🇸🇮. Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Physics.

When I'm not doing that, I'm either travelling, photographing, coding or trying to create a freedom business. Oh and blog about my revelations on personal development. I'm a pure knowledge worker, and I spend most of my time in my head.

Me in my natural habitat
Me in my natural habitat.

Besides writing about my life experiments at this blog, I'm also running Minimalistic Software. A web page aimed at simplifying the software world. Software is too complicated, and I'm not smart enough to understand all of the complexity.

Why on Earth would a physicist write a self-help blog and code?

Well besides physics (which I studied) I learned most of the stuff I know by reading blogs like this one. So it feels kind of selfish not to return the favour and share my thoughts. Keep in mind that most of the content here was not invented by me.

I'll probably fail to cite all the sources of my knowledge since there are simply too many. But I'll try to do my best. I would dare to claim that my added value is all the experiences and patterns I describe among those pages. But you definitely won't see copies of anyone else's work here, since I like to tweak everything.

I'm thrilled whenever I can:

None of the above is really unique. But I feel really cosy positioned in between all of my interests.

But all interests are a consequence of one goal. To build a freedom business that allows me to fund my own research projects. Without the need for grants and government funding. Will I succeed? Maybe. But I'll sure as hell try.