What? Who? Why?


Welcome to the place where I express my ideas. I write to share my learnings. Hopefully they'll help someone out. At the moment I'm exploring the world of business and physics. So here I share mostly my OWN opinions and views.


I'm Ziga Brencic a 25 years old mathematical physicist from Slovenia. In my spare time I'm a scout, software and space geek. Those days I would say I'm becoming more of a command line human then a normal PC user.


Well I learned a lot from blogs like this one over the past few years. So it feels kind of selfish not to return the favour and share my thoughts. Keep in mind that most of the content here was not invented by me. I'll probably fail to cite all the sources of my knowledge since there are simply too many. But I'll try to do my best. I would dare to claim that my added value are all the experiences and patterns I describe among those pages. But you definitely won't find any copied text or code around here :) since I like to tweak everything.