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Washington DC

We started the morning with an official first assembly of the contingent:

After we packed up we headed to the centre of the DC. We did a quick tour of the White House and Washington monument. It was hot as hell. At 11:15 we had a scheduled visit to the Holocaust museum. Museum is quite touching since it presents the horrors of the World War II.

Next was the group photo shooting so we headed to the Lincoln Memorial. On the way we meet a little Squirrel. They are everywhere and quite human friendly. Oh and fat 😂

Group photo in front of Lincoln Memorial proved once again that scouts are masters of organisation. Memorial is full of tourists so getting a photo without them is hard. But getting a clean photo of 200 scouts in peak of the tourist season should be impossible right. Not for us 😉 In 10 minutes we took a shoot and got rid of all the tourists.

Since the photo shooting was done in the hottest sun in the midday some chilling in the park was a necessity. Then we headed around one of the smaller lakes to check out the Luther King. Jr statue, Roosevelt memorial:

foto by Tilen

and Jefferson memorial.

Next was Union Station which is quite a nice place but Starbucks with refreshing drinks was nicer. Tilen got drinks for free because he had no spare change and only a 100$ bill. One way to get free food I guess.

Full day of tourist attractions was wrapped with a drive home and a dinner. In the evening the troop leaders celebrated the birthday of one troop leader Nejc with cupcakes and non-alcoholic ice cream floats:

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