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Jamboree Day 5 -> Mount Jack

We started our hike to Mount Jack at 9:00 from our sub camp. OK Mount Jack is not really a mountain if you are a Slovenian 😂 The hill is a bit higher then Smarna Gora. They've sent us to hike on white trail (the hardest for American standards easy for us). A troop from US tried to compete with us. Who will be the first to make it to the top? We kicked their ass. As they came up all they could say was:

  • 'No Talking.'
  • 'American pride was defeated at least' Jure 🙂

Once we came up we took a short break/snack and went to first activities. Axe, knife throwing, ... I had to make a Skype call at 12:00 with my start-up team. It was quite nice to be in the shade since it was hot as hell. I had the pleasure to enjoy some Irish style songs played by a band in the back during the call.

Two participants were a bit burned out so they had to be driven down by a golf cart and a bus. Everyone is fine now. The rest helped.

On our way down from the mountain some Croatians tried to trade a water bottle with us and were a bit shocked when we talked to then in Slovenian. We did some small talk then run off to catch the dinner. Surprise the dinner was late again. But we are getting better at it.

Slovaks invited us for dinner tonight but since we didn't totally sync we both cooked our own food and then eat the meals together. We had a pure vegetarian dinner 🙂 Not that easy in USA. After we cleaned up the kitchen the participants went to play Rim-Sim-Sim and I used the quite time to write the blog posts. We wrapped up the day with our evening planning meeting.

I really like the system we have. Laura (the other leader) and me tell the important thing s in few minutes, then participants plan out the rest of the day. What they will do, when they will wake up. Time of lunch, dinner. What we eat. Who does what, ... They are almost autonomous by now and need very little supervision 🙂

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