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Jamboree Day 9

When I woke up my kids told me that the shop has collapsed. You can't by the food any more but you can get the food leftovers. Crap. Luckily we had enough food in stock to survive through the day.

Next activity was a visit of the Medical tent with Tilen. Medical condition: tired Tilen. So all good as long as he gets a bit of sleep. Then I headed to the troop leader meeting. Surprise. Meeting was a total chaos since most units didn't have enough food stock to survive the food supply shortage. Organisers were like: Yeah we are fixing it. Aha.

At 11:00 I finally had time to deliver Bob our 11 patrol member to the Canopy (zip-line system). Oh Bob is our guitar. He's so important that we had to name him. Since two of the Slovenian IST members worked at the Canopy (Tina & Tina) they introduced me to Peter nicknamed Biker the boss of the canopy guides. He was really nice and gave me access to the whole activity place so I could take a few photo shoots. Why nickname biker? Because Peter biked all the way from Montana to Jamboree site in West Virginian in few weeks. Yeah USA is huge and you get a nick name for biking over it.

The photo shoot was exhausting since it was hot as hell and humid. The whole canopy site is in the Valley so it feels like you are in the pressure cooker. Though the whole tour of the canopy was pretty nice. Forest is really quite and has beautiful tracks and trees. Up in the air you have:

Landing to the final site:

To sum up. If you have a big camera you can get places 😂

I probably haven't mentioned it yet but the whole Jamboree runs purely on the work of volunteers. Yeah kind of cool. Oh and volunteers have to pay thousand bucks to be at the Jamboree and use 14 days of their vacation. What idiot would do that right? Well few thousand scouts every four years.

After the canopy photo shoot I dropped by the Hunters hall. One of the permanent buildings at the Summit. Of course Americans will lecture you how you should balance the habitat with shooting animals. Yeah right. I get it. If humans screw up the ecosystem they have to take care of it at the end of the day. During the tour I learned that Theodore Roosevelt ( US president from 1901 - 1909) was a big supporter of scouts movement when it started. He helped to set up laws that protect a lot of American land. After the lecture we headed over the street to the hunting simulation house. You can shoot rabbits, dears, squirrels, ... It looks pretty much like a video game. You just hold the real gun with laser pointer. Americans and BSA really are obsessed with shooting. It's kind of nuts though if you want to ever try out shooting the US is probably the best place to do it.

At 12:30 I meat few other Slovenian leaders at the food house court. I accompanied Johnny to the Canadian tent where we ordered some bacon burgers. They were more bacon with bread then bread with bacon but delicious anyway. Girls went to the Colombian food house and brought some delicious fries. Not American style fries but something way better that included some beef and vegetables. Anyway the food market was full today due to food shortages.

Then I walked to Slovenian presentation tent and stayed there to outlast the lightning advisory. I joined Urban at the Global ambassador reception since I had my uniform with me. The whole thing was pretty boring. Oh and buffet offered chips, lemonade and army packed meals. Yeah I guess the food supply really collapsed. I headed back to the camp to check what the kids were up to and to get a shower.

As I dropped by our Bravo camp HQ I chatted with the ranger Bob who helped us get the blankets at the first days of the Jamboree about the shop situation. He told me that BSA had over purchased stocks of food at the previous national Jamboree and that this time they wanted to buy the right amount of food. Well they ran out of food. Second problem was that the food delivery trucks were breaking down. Apparently normal food delivery truck is made only for the paved roads and not for the rocky streets of Jamboree. So when trucks drove through the Jamboree roads full of scouts they had to break quite frequently. Surprisingly that meant that stones got into the breaking system and damaged it. Apparently company managed to damage a few trucks worth several thousand dollars. Oh and the food storage facility is in another state 200 miles away. Few hours of drive to get to West Virginia then another 45 min of drive to get to the shop at the Jamboree. Yeah logistics to support a city of scouts can be a nightmare if you don't plan them out carefully enough.

At 18:00 we had our daily meeting. This time Toma joined us. I gave him my Slovenian scarf as a thank you for all the support he provided us with during the Jamboree. Every-time we had a problem or needed info he was there for us. Thanks Toma.

While participants were discussing the plans for the next day three IST members stopped at our camp. They pretended they are participants. They tried to trick our kids into swapping badges and scarfs. I spotted the imposters with my hawk eye and warned our kids. Do those guys look under 18 to you? Kids handled it quite nicely. They pretty much told the IST guys to get lost 😂 If you wonder what's the big deal? Well at the Jamboree and every scouting event we have a policy called Safe From Harm or SFH. SFH dictates that no adult should have any physical contact with a minor. No swapping, no relationships, ... SFH was implemented as a safety measure to ensure that all kids feel safe.

After diner I walked to the Echo camp site with Urban, Uros, Jasna and Emil. First stop was the food tent to get the dinner. Yeah the staff food hall is huge:

behind my back there's twice as much of the tent then in front. Buffet is really nice. We chatted a bit how the things work around here. It's crazy to see so many scouts from all over the world eating dinner together.

A bit later the rest of IST joined in. Masa was so kind to get me an Ice-cream at the party corner. We hanged in the food hall for a while and played the guitar. Country roads, Djurdjev dan, ... Suddenly I screamed as hell. Muscle cramps. Yeah my leg muscles suddenly decided to tighten up. Luckily the pain stopped in few seconds. Clear indicator I'm getting tired as ... One of the IST members almost got a heart attack due to my scream. Sorry Petra.

Few minutes before eleven I boarded the last bus from Echo to the Summit centre. I dropped of the bus at the Charlie 2 base camp and headed to Bravo on foot. No bears on the road 🙁 Echo camp was pretty cool I should have gone there sooner. Not on the last night of the Jamboree.

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