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🔬 Weekly experiment 04, 2020

Hey There.

Weather at the seaside has been pretty foggy for the last few days. Something I'm not accustomed to yet. But the misty scenery has its charm:

What lies behind the thick fog? The unknown. Something we think we know but actually don't. We can recognize the basic shapes but not really the details. That's how we sometimes feel about who we are. We have a blurry image of our motives and drivers.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

During the end of high school, I began to realize that I'm interested in all sorts of things. As inexperienced and enthusiastic as I was, I figured that if I could work more, have a super-duper productivity system, I could do everything. Spoiler alert I couldn't.

I started reading productivity and self-development books and articles. Trying to become a productivity ninja. There were some short periods of "high productivity", but my whole system always came crashing down. Over the years, I started blowing up promises and deadlines, started realizing that in life:

We can do anything, but not everything.

Warning signs that I lacked focus were all around me. But I ignored them. Alright, so I need to focus? OK on what? What's that thing that gets me out of bed in the morning?

In 2016 I could recite things that fueled the fire in me. But then the fired started to slowly burn out until it died. I lost my drive. I kept asking my self: Why? Why can't I get back up to the levels of enthusiasm I used to have?

I realized I had no clue what I really liked, enjoyed and wanted.

I didn't really know myself. Sure, I knew my name, where I lived and what I was doing, but there were hidden layers of my personality that I couldn't describe with words.

After a lot of soul searching, I started correcting course and my life directions. So there's your answer. I bother with all the soul searching because it currently helps me. Directions that I'm pursuing today are a result of the continuous effort of getting to know myself.

By reading the journeys of others, I started outlining mine. I feel obliged to share back. Next week we'll be starting with the series: Who am I? We'll review a set of concepts that helped me better understand my motives, cravings and intentions. Stay tuned.

Small weekly experiment 05, 2020

I used to have zero trouble with shifting sleep schedules. But ever since I came back from the one month US trip in 2019, I can't get back on track. I'll keep trying to shift the schedule, but if anyone has any tips, I'm open to suggestions.

You know the drill let me know what will be your small experiment this week.

If you find a typo, have a comment or have an idea for improvement shoot me a message. 😉

Till the next weekly experiment.


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