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🔬 Weekly experiment 05, 2020

Hey There.

Last week one of my vivid readers, my grandfather told me that:

To an outsider who doesn't know you, your writing feels like the last attempt to achieve success.

Like I don't have a clue what I'm doing. On the contrary, this newsletter and my personal page are meant to be a cherry on top. Not the whole cake. But I've indeed been suppressing the fact that I'm a physicist.

As far as my career is concerned, I feel I'm on track and doing reasonably well. Finished the Masters in physics, starting the PhD, writing a personal blog, attempting to build a side business, occasionally doing some scouting work, photographing, travelling. It's not my intention to brag, but I'm pretty happy with where I am at the moment.

But if I'm so happy then why am I digging into self-development? Why do I bother? We'll one of the reasons where I am today is due to self-development. But I didn't get here overnight.


Ever since high school, I had quite a few uncontrolled anger bursts. I tended to spill my personal frustrations on people around me. A good mixture of overwork and emotional insecurity did the job. Then when I was 22, my parents told me that they were getting a divorce. The whole thing threw me even further of the balance.

I gathered up my courage and started visiting a life coach. I didn't feel like I needed to see a psychiatrist just yet so I decided to explore a less nuclear option.

In the first session, the coach asked me how I would describe my self and how I felt. I could sense that my body was tense, but I couldn't find words to accurately describe what I felt. In a sense, I lacked the map between feelings I had and the words that represented them. What confused me even further was that my coaches interpretations were completely different than mine.

Great everyone has a different map between how they feel words and they use to describe their feelings. And I thought physics was complex.

What helped me get in sync with my emotions were "labels" that helped me describe who I am.

Who am I? .

We'll stay in the Who am I? lane for the majority of 2020. So strap in, we'll attempt to get a better grasp at who we are 🙂

Small weekly experiment 06, 2020

In the past week, I finally made some improvements to the sleep schedule. 00:00 - 8:00 is better then 03:00 - 11:00, though still some way to go to get back to 22:00 - 6:00. It (again) turned out that the best approach for sleep schedule shifting is some mixture of:

  • small bedtime shifts each day,
  • early lunch,
  • no food several hours before bed.

What I'll try in the upcoming week? I'm moving again from the seaside back to the capital. Time to start with a blank canvas again. The 7th "restart" in the last 3 years. Luckily there's so much fog at the seaside at the moment that I won't even see leaving the sea behind.

You know the drill let me know what will be your small experiment this week.

If you find a typo, have a comment or have an idea for improvement shoot me a message. 😉

Till the next weekly experiment.


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