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Life experiment, December 2020

2020 Is coming to an end.

Last year I wrote how the end of the year is a perfect time to tally your wins. Since most of us are stranded at home, it's an ideal time to reflect what happened in 2020. It was a turbulent year.

At first, I wanted to say that nothing happened in 2020. In the morning, I was a bit depressed when I thought about what happened this year. But it turns out this year wasn't that boring 😂

Few of my highlights:

  • In January, I started with finishing my masters.
  • In February I moved back to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
  • In March, I started my PhD under the supervision of two excellent mentors.
  • In the first wave of Corona, we launched Pomagaj sosedu portal that failed. Thank god that the community didn't need it.
  • I co-authored the first scientific paper. We measured a few new isotopes 🤓
  • In November, I joined Sledilnik team to help the team with pandemic modelling.

And tomorrow I'm wrapping this year with a seminar on the topic of my PhD that will tell if I'm on track with my research work.

Above is a lot and if this is the bill I end 2020 with I'm more than happy. Do the same you might be surprised what you did in 2020 😉

Reading material

No books this month but an essay worth reading Self-Worth and the Pandemic . OK, so we're not all astrophysicists. Despite working in physics, I found this one worth reading.

And two of my new blog posts:

  • About my Knowledge system or how I store all the information that I hoard each day.
  • The New COVID world . I came up with the idea for this post back in March 2020 but didn't want to publish it just yet. That was when we all thought that Corona would be a two-week thing. Who knew.


I've been experimenting 😉 don't worry, although not as much as I would want to. One major area were book notes:

More on my new book note-taking system in the upcoming year. But till then: Take a set of nice shiny pens and mark all sorts of stuff as you read.

Rememberer when you die you won't be able to carry your books to (well where-ever you believe you're going) and others probably won't care about your books anyway so you might as well use them as much as you can.


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Till the next experiment.


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