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Getting there 🛫 🛬

Time log of the trip. As events are unfolding. Mostly for us, but if you find it interesting dig in.

[23:00] Setting up the MacBook for the trip to India. Deployed the web page and updated the cmd tools.

[01:44] Wrapped up the packing day and went to bed way to late.

[04:35] Wake up and shower. Since the alarm at 4:25 felt like some was banging on my head with a hammer. Elevated heart rate again, ... At least Jerca got more sleep them me since she wrapped up her packing at midnight.

OK technically I didn't wrap up the packing but the preparation of software tools and small PC so I'll be able to blog and publish daily.

[05:00] Breakfast: some eggs to give us energy for the day.

[05:32] To the airport with Markun shuttle. Their boss picked us up, on time and pleasant as always. Good relationships always pay off.

[06:05] At airport. It's empty. Jerca was somehow also able to go through the priority gate with me.

[06:13] At gate. Chilling.

[06:45] Boarding our plane:

[07:00] In the seat. Tore my skin under the nail while packing the backpacks into overhead compartments. Stuff like that always happens in the first day of a log trip to me 😥

We are going to have a delay because there are air traffic control issues in Frankfurt.

[07:03] Got the chocolates before the flight to keep us happy. Flight attendant says to expect 30min delay. Maybe less depending on the flight speed.

[08:30] Managed to sleep little more than one hour. Expected landing 08:45. Quit a delay.

[08:45] Landed in Frankfurt.

[08:50] Airplane parked. Waiting to get off. People as usually rattled.

[09:04] Off the bus and on the terminal. Time to tick off few errands.

[09:11] Picked the usb A to usb C, so I can charge the new phone on the normal sockets.

[09:20] Picking up the Newspapers at Frankfurt airport: NYT, FT and China Daily.

[09:27] Got the rupees but at a terrible rate.

[09:36] In the visa pre-check line for the flight. Feels like flying to US. Not entirely sure what was the point but made us a bit calmer, since we knew that our visas and documents are OK for India.

[09:48] At the gate waiting lounge. Smells of spice already. We won’t be taken for locals though.

[10:14] Boarding.

[10:27] Settled in. Didn’t manage to get the space above us for our lagguge though.

[10:28] Matchy-matchy pillows:

[10:46] And we’re off. Time to get a nap or two in.

[11:40] First snack. Managed to sleep for an hour.

[12:07] Time for Furious X movie.

[14:30] Finished watching Furious. Ends with a cliffhanger 🙁 but I guess it means there will soon be another movie. Five more hours.

[14:47] Nap II 💪

[17:33] Nice got another 3h in. So 6h of naps today. Managed to get the sleep deficit to zero.

Jerca is now asleep. 2h hours of flight left and I wonder if we are getting any more food. Would be nice if we did.

[17:40] We are flying over Mumbai at the moment. Jerca also woke up for a toilet break and went to try and get some snacks.

[17:43] Wi-fi is off-course payable. OK lights on. Maybe we are getting something to eat anyway.

[18:18] Got a sort of tortilla/wrap with veggies and spicy. Ok Jerca said very spicy. And that here stomach is already making noises. Let's see. Got also tea, orange juice.

[18:20] Wrote the pre-blog a bit. Didn't finish it though. But wrote lets say half of it.

[19:05] We are descending now. Few more minutes and off to the shock we go.

[19:18] Landed in Chennai. Let the adventure begin.

[19:21] Jeez the airport is right in the city. Between buildings.

[19:24] Time zone change +4,5h to 23:54.

[00:05] On terminal. Plenty of staff everywhere, although we still had no clue what to do.

[00:09] At border control. We had to triage and get the so called d/e card. Which you get from some random dude when you enter the airport from the plane.

[00:29] Ok I think we have all papers now.

[00:40] Ok through migration control. "You are a physicist sir? Yes?" Then they were super nice, before that rather cold.

[00:45] Toilet break. It's not spotless but not that dirty. People are really nice.

[00:55] Let's try and get out. And see if hotel sent anyone. Can't check the web since Jerca can’t activate the e-sim.

[01:00] Found our driver. He wished us happy new year. Then we had a short chat:

  • How long are you staying for?
  • Two days in Chennai.
  • Do you need language cart?
  • No-no we are fine. Just our backpacks.
  • Where are you from?
  • Slovenia. Have you ever been to Europe?
  • No-no Europe to expensive for me.

We were a bit puzzled about the last statement, but got to understand it pretty soon.

[01:07] Nice car water bottles and newspaper. Drive to city.

[01:15] Haha. The guy went between two lanes to get his way. Not our driver though

[01:21] Ok some of the trucks look like they will fall apart. Yet drive tones of material. Or people.

Girl at the back motor seat. No hands writing messages. This india trip will make for a good photo-shoot.

[01:31] At hotel. Crazy security. Apparently standard for buildings like this. Or so they say.

[01:32] At reception. Dudes are moving sofas at 2 o'clock in the morning.

[01:35] We had to take a photo at reception with some lady with India style welcome.

[01:45] At our room. Will do for the first two days:

[02:18] Ok lets see if we get to bed before 03:00. So 23:00 Slovenian time.

[02:25] Shower

[02:35] Dinner we brought with us.

[02:45] Brush teeth with bottled water. Took probiotics.

[02:52] Trying to sleep

[04:00] Fell a sleep. Woke up several times throughout the night. Jet leg is a bit annoying.

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