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🔬 Weekly experiment 24, 2020

Hey There.

As I hinted before I've been struggling with writing some of the latest newsletters.

So I decided to take a page from Paul Jarvises book and take a bit of a break. Creativity sabbatical. We'll be continuing with the newsletters in October again. On Monday 5.10.2020 to be precise. So mark the date.

Till then I might send you a thing or two, but we'll see.


I recently realised that I haven't taken a break from side projects for over 10 years now. Ever since high school, I've always been doing something on the side, besides studies and work.

It doesn't mean that I'll completely ditch everything over summer. I'm probably not capable of doing that. But I'll try to put on hold every side gig that's not related to my job for a few months.

I need time to carefully think things through. Recharge my creative batteries.

In the past years, I discovered things that I really like doing by saying no to many fantastic opportunities. But I found that I love doing too many things. Now I need to figure out to which things I like doing the most.

Which things that I like will I say no to.

The first step in that direction is pausing the work on all new endowers and making sure to finish the old ones. To capitalise on the previous work.

Reading material

In 2020 Weekly experiment we coverd quite a few topics by now:

Though I think that this newsletter needs a clearer direction in the future. I'll work on that. Till October make sure to catch up on what you missed 😉

In case you need more reading material to keep you busy over summer here are a few books I've recently read and would recommend:


Now to be able to improve the future newsletters I kindly ask for your feedback. Take a moment and fill out the survey .

Until we meet again. Keep experimenting. One small step at a time.

I certainly will.


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